Thomas Patzelt


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I am the founder of Small Apps UG (haftungsbeschränkt). Founding this company was one of my best ideas, although we still have a hard time surviving as mobile app developers.

I recently worked on

  1. -iPhone and iPad apps in Objective-C with Xcode,

  2. -Max OS X apps in Objective-C

  3. -embedded projects in C with vi and make,

  4. -help my team of freelance programmers program in Android using Java.

In my spare time I currently

  1. -lecture at the HTW Berlin: „Projektmanagement“ and „Risikomanagement in der Praxis“

  2. -enjoy sailing in the Segel-Club „Ahoi“

  3. -enjoy playing soccer in the „Black Tigers“ Team

My Small Apps team supports me in programming iPhone and Android programming as well.

I worked for about 20 years as a progammer, mostly coding in C, having designed and written things like UNIX drivers, complete embedded operating systems and protocol decoders. Then I worked for 10 years as a project leader and program manager and had fun helping teams creating products, that would serve one customer well, would become market leaders or turning around a bad project to a good one.

But then came the iPhone and the dream to be able to live from your own small company. With Small-Apps, I work hard to have this dream become true one day.

If you want to support our dream, buy our apps, spread the word, click on the advertisements in our apps with advertising or ...join us!

I am known as an experienced and skilled person. I prefer to work in Berlin or Brandenburg, but accept projects in all over Germany. Feel free to contact me, when you might have a project of interest for me.

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You can contact me under or under
+49 172 390 42 three zero
My office is in
14532 Teltow (close to Berlin), Potsdamer Str 18Amailto:tpatzelt@t-online.deshapeimage_3_link_0